posted Nov 20, 2000

New LinkBack Feature & First User
11/20/2000; 10:52:44 AM

Last week, I added a new feature to LinkBack.  It can now send the results anywhere, so you can host them on your own weblogs if you want. 

Serious Instructional Technology is the first (and currently) only site using it. "Who's Linking to SiT" in the upper left is being dynamically generated and uploaded via XML-RPC every hour.... which means that iRights is now showing as linking to him (since this has been posted for long enough).

(While I also taught the system to use FTP, using Manila and XML-RPC is cool; I (or rather my system) can post to SiT without having to have full permissions to the site; to post with FTP requires having the password for FTP, which means that I would be able to do anything to the site. Manila-managed sites are more secure for everyone, and XML-RPC makes it an easy function call from inside Radio Userland where LinkBack is currently living.)


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