posted Nov 21, 2000

Murphy Munged My Mail - LinkBack Feature Announcement
11/21/2000; 9:12:39 PM

I tried to send an e-mail out to everybody who is in the LinkBack program, but it appears it got lost en route. So, I'll try to announce the feature this way.

The short version is that you can now include any of the LinkBack results in your own weblog, much as I do it in the column to the right of this story. Serious Instructional Technology is now also making use of this (because apparently the owner was lucky enough to actually get the e-mail), which you can see in the "Who's Linking To SiT" section. You can either host the simple listing, or the complete results (see examples of both in my templates gallery, which also has more technical information about the HTML output if you're interested). On this site I do both (see the details by clicking on "details" in the "Who's Linking To iRights" box). Serious Instructional Technology is only using the list. If you'd like to have this done for you, please contact me at

If you have a Manila site, this will be easy; just contact me and tell me which you want (or both if you prefer). If you have some other type of site, please contact me. If you would like to have this done for your own weblog, but it's not currently in the LinkBack program, well, that can be fixed too-see the 'How To Add Your Weblog' page.

For more information, please consult the LinkBack pages, which have been more or less updated to reflect the changes. Sorry for the lack of communication.

(The other thing to do if you're going to host the results on your homepage is to go to and change your Prefs to make your Update URL something other then your actual homepage. For Manila sites, 'your-site-url'/xml/scriptingNews2.xml works well.)


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