posted Nov 28, 2000

Cyberspace Wins Free Speech Ruling
Free Speech
11/28/2000; 11:41:21 PM

''Cyberspace Communications, Inc., and several other plaintiffs won a favorable ruling in the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals recently in the Cyberspace v. Engler lawsuit to overturn an unconstitutionally broad Internet censorship law. The 2 page ruling affirms an injunction against enforcement of the law while the case is tried.''

The "Engler" in question is Governer Engler of my home state of Michigan. From the lawsuit info page:

'On June 23, 1999, Cyberspace Communications and 8 other plaintiffs filed suit to block the implementation of Michigan Public Act 33 of 1999 (The Child Online Protection Act), which makes it illegal to transmit "sexually explicit" material to minors. This law is too broad, erodes the First Amendment right to free speech, and would be impossible for a grass roots organizations like Cyberspace Communications to comply with.'

By the way, "Cyberspace" is an organization, not what we usually think of as "cyberspace".


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