posted Dec 01, 2000

Securicor Privacy from Companies12/1/2000; 12:16:53 PM 'Real world security company Securicor is spending £7 million on an online shopping service which will allow users to shop online without passing credit card details to online stores.... 'In effect, Securicor has set up an online mall. People who sign up to the service give all their financial details to Securicor, and the data is stored on the company's site. 'Its site will have links to participating retailers, and when a customer wants to buy something online, they go to the Securicor site where their funds are checked, and when the sale is processed. Securicor then delivers the package.'Sounds interesting. There are a number of services that will do the equivalent for web browsing but I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone doing this for shopping. I hope it works well.'Taylor says that the site has been thoroughly tested against external hacks or system overloads. 'Yeah, well, they always say that.I think this is Securicor's web site, but I can't tell, because it mistakenly tells me I don't have Netscape Navigator 3+ (it's wrong, this is Netscape 4.73) and refused to let me in.


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