posted Dec 13, 2000

Records of subpoenaed in privacy probe
Privacy from Companies
12/13/2000; 11:40:49 AM 'Records from Toys ''R'' Us Inc.'s Internet division have been subpoenaed in an investigation of its privacy practices, a spokeswoman for the toy retailer said yesterday.

'The inquiry by New Jersey's Division of Consumer Affairs, which is overseen by the state attorney general's office, partially stems from lawsuits that accuse of illegally sharing personal information about its Internet customers with market researchers, spokeswoman Jeanne Meyer said.'

This is worth keeping an eye on... Attorney General activism could become privacy-violator's worst nightmare over the next couple of years.  The Federal government doesn't really seem too ethusiastic about Internet privacy issues, but there are a lot of state AG's out to make a name for themselves.  There's one here in Michigan named Granholm that's already made life uncomfortable for a few... I bet she liked how her name got into the national news for those, and I hope she's developed a taste for it


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