posted Dec 15, 2000

Final Carnivore Report Offers No New Answers
Surveillance and Privacy from Government
12/15/2000; 2:08:17 PM

'House Majority Leader Dick Armey made the following comments about the newly released, final report on the Carnivore cybersnooping system:

'This superficial review doesn't get to the heart of the matter. It does nothing to restore the confidence that Americans should have in the confidentiality of their online transactions.

'Why should average Internet users have to wonder whether a rogue agent could snoop through their emails and other online transactions?

'If this Administration were actually interested in an honest evaluation of Carnivore, it would have shut the system down until the serious privacy concerns had been adequately addressed. Instead, this review by a team with clear ties to this Administration raises more concerns than it answers.'

Direct link to the Carnivore report (4.5 megabyte PDF).


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