posted Dec 20, 2000

Against Intellectual Property and an update
Personal Commentary
12/20/2000; 11:05:46 AM

I've been unwell the past couple of days, hence the lack of updates.  I'm going to catch up, so the next few links may seem a bit out of date

I read this essay a while ago, before I started this site, but I came across it again and want to link to it. Against Intellectual Property is an essay on why there should be no intellectual property. Personally, I disagree with it strongly, and I suspect that if we actually lived in the world the author desires, not only would things not be as peachy as he seems to think, but I think there would be a large movement towards re-instating intellectual property. In particular, I think his paragraph starting with "In a society without intellectual property, creativity is likely to thrive." uses a hand-waving argument; it seems OK from a distance, but trying to actually construct such a society is a challenge, if one is realistic about human behavior.

It's good to be diverse in one's reading, though.


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