posted Jan 02, 2001

The Last Great LinkBack Feature: Implemented!
1/3/2001; 12:45:04 AM

I've finally implemented the Last Great LinkBack Feature: The Top (N) List of 'Logs. (N is currently set to 5, I hope to move it up to 10 later.)  The 5 weblogs with the most current links to them are now displayed on both the main weblog page, and iRights.

Unlike many "Top N" lists of 'logs floating around, automatically generated or otherwise, anybody can be on the top of this list. There have been a number of other popularity measures for the weblog community, but I believe that none of them are as fluid and current as this one. Many of the other measures have a very static top, where the same 10-20 'logs are always the highest, and will be for the forseeable future. With this measure, anybody can be on top, and those on top will truly be the most interesting blogs, not just the most popular. (Everybody may give perma-links to the standard "top" 'logs, but you actually have to be linked to on a daily basis to win this measure.)

By the way... now's a great time to join the program! You can have the results uploaded to your own 'log, you can help 'vote' for the Top 5 LinkBack'ed Logs, and if you are interesting enough, perhaps even be one of them!  The more weblogs who join, the more useful the system is!


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