posted Jan 09, 2001

Supreme Court Lets Stand Computer Anti-porn Law Free Speech1/9/2001; 12:30:28 PM 'The U.S. Supreme Court (news - web sites) rejected on Monday a free-speech challenge by six university professors to a Virginia law that bars public employees from using state computers to access sexually explicit material on the Internet....''The professors argued the law violated the constitutional First Amendment-based academic freedom rights of university scholars and the rights of other public employees engaged in legitimate, work-related, intellectual inquiry....''Virginia Attorney General Mark Earley defended the law.... He said state employees did not have a First Amendment right to disregard the law and decide for themselves whether sexually explicit material was required for their professional, employment-related research and writing needs.'This is really the old employee-employer issue, not necessarily a "first amendment" issue. That said, it is disturbing that AG Mark Early believed that this was about "disregarding" the law. This was about whether the law was Constitutional, which is a perfectly acceptable concern, not merely "disregarding" the law. I refuse to simply accept that a law is consitutional because an AG or a legislature says it is; they have no right to say that.


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