posted Jan 17, 2001

Online recruiter wins ban on rival's web links
Free Speech
1/17/2001; 11:44:06 PM

'StepStone, the online recruitment company, has obtained an injunction in Germany preventing a rival from linking to its website pages. The move is one of the few cases to test the law on Deep Linking - links between sites that bypass home pages and hence banner advertising....

'"It is not, of course, every case of hypertext linking which is unlawful - the internet would grind to a halt. But the courts in Europe do have power to intervene where linking is extensive and prejudicial to the site involved," Mr Lifely added.

'The injunction, based on new European laws on database and copyright protection, was obtained by StepStone against OFiR, the Danish media group, which owns companies with online recruitment portals in the UK, Germany, Denmark and France.'



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