posted Jan 18, 2001

Filter THIS! Librarians to sue over new law
1/18/2001; 8:37:37 PM

'The American Library Association has decided to file a lawsuit challenging a new federal law that would require filtering in public schools and libraries....

'In its suit, the ALA will focus on the effect the law will have on all libraries, arguing that the requirement could further widen the so-called digital divide. Critics of mandatory filtering argue that the requirement forces people who rely on public computers for Internet access to see only pre-screened content--a restriction that those with home computers don't have.

'The ALA is one of several groups that have challenged tech restrictions on free speech in the past. However, the group will likely pursue legal action on its own this time because of its broad focus on all libraries. The ACLU, on the other hand, is expected to address only public libraries. The Center for Democracy and Technology, a vocal opponent of mandatory filtering, doesn't plan to sign on as a plaintiff at this point but instead will provide research and support.'


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