posted Jan 26, 2001

Etoy Wants Trademark 'Closure'
General IP Issues
1/26/2001; 12:41:06 PM 'A European Internet artists group called etoy -- with all lower-case letters -- said on Thursday it has filed a complaint in a U.S. court against online toy retailer eToys Inc. alleging trademark infringement.

'The action, filed in the U.S. District Court of Southern California in San Diego, is the latest shot fired between etoy, an international artist's collective whose medium is the Internet, and the U.S.-based online toy retailer.'

The article may say this wasn't an act of revenge, but surely this is at least partly a joke.  A serious joke, a legally binding joke, but I bet the humor value was a consideration in the decision to counter-sue (Publicity value, too )


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