posted Jan 26, 2001

Hands Off My Web Site
Free Speech
1/26/2001; 2:02:07 PM 'But lately, I've run into a rather annoying something about the Web's "fixability." It has emboldened certain companies to try to cross the line between what, in journalism, is called the separation of church and state.

'In the last few weeks, on separate occasions, two writers on our staff have approached me to say they were getting grief from the companies they interviewed, with the way a story had been written and appeared on the Web site. Not on factual matters, mind you, which we will always correct, but on matters of style, or emphasis, or, in the most recent case, who got the headline. And they wanted it changed.'

Applause for the author who posted this. It doesn't matter how free your speech is if you let others dictate what you can and cannot say. And let it be said there are still some people with ethics in the world.


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