posted Jan 27, 2001

Web Site Tests Verio's Role as Copyright Police
1/27/2001; 10:05:13 PM

'Standing by its customer, hosting firm Verio has refused to take down a Web site that the Motion Picture Association of America claims is breaking the law.

'The situation is testing the role of ISPs as copyright cops in the wired world and demonstrating the limits of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the law that gives ISPs a safe harbor as long as they respond quickly to takedown notices.

'The MPAA asked Verio in November to yank because it claimed the site was illegally posting DeCSS, a program that can crack code protecting copyrighted DVDs. John Young, Cryptome's administrator, denied the charges and has only admitted to posting the code for CSS, the scrambling system that DeCSS is designed to decode.'


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