posted Feb 08, 2001

Indefinate outage
2/8/2001; 9:30:58 AM

LinkBack will be suffering an indefinate outage, but probably on the order of one to two weeks. My home internet service was terminated and I can not afford to immediately re-activate it. It won't be long, but until I do, Linkback doesn't work.

BTW, lesson learned here: My credit card company recently sent me a new Visa card, because they suspected that my card number may have been stolen en masse with lots of others, so they were just sending me a new one to be safe. That's really thoughtful of them, but you have to make sure you catch all the people making automatic deductions off of your card to give the update!  I missed the cable/cable modem company :-(

This will also affect my site updates here. They won't drop to zero but I was doing about half of them from home. I really want to cover and comment on the library story, and a few othersbut I just don't have time here or now.


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