posted Feb 22, 2001

Michigan Considers a Cybercourt
2/22/2001; 12:50:26 PM 'To lure technology companies to Michigan, Gov. John Engler wants to establish a separate "cybercourt" for cases involving technology and high-tech businesses, where virtually everything would be done via computer rather than in a courtroom.

'Briefs could be filed online, evidence viewed by streaming video, oral arguments delivered by teleconferencing, conferences held by e- mail. Lawyers would not have to be in Michigan or even be licensed to practice in the state. Cases could be heard any time of the day, even at night, and judges would be trained to understand the complex issues that arise in technology disputes.'

Emphasis mine. You may think the rest of the idea is silly, but that last clause alone would make up for the rest. And even if the experiment fails (and a lawsuit challenging the validity of the court is virtually inevitable, possibly ending at the US Supreme Court), we'll still have some trained judges that will be around. Benefits no matter how you slice it!


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