posted Mar 05, 2001

Trace who is linking to your site
Free Speech
3/5/2001; 10:40:28 PM

From Hack the Planet:  'The Register: Trace who is linking to your site. "A British company has come up with what it claims to be the first true map of the Web. The LinkMap will let site owners track inbound links to their sites, and is aimed at deep linking." And all this time I was using obsolete stuff like Google and referer logs...'

Ooops, did I just block your IP address? Guess you can't see me...

Why would anyone hire this company for this service? For a few hundred dollars worth of programmer time, any competant web programmer can create a relatively fool-proof hack to control these problems. This company's services are going to have to be priced pretty cheaply to make it worthwhile. Or maybe I'm just not thinking like a committee made up of lawyers, managers, and executive types.


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