posted Mar 20, 2001

Websites forced to reveal user identity Country Watch: Britain3/20/2001; 6:09:31 PM 'A High Court judge has told two UK websites to reveal which user was behind defamatory messages placed in discussion groups. 'Legal action launched by net company Totalise has ended with the financial websites the Motley Fool and Interactive Investor International being forced to hand over the identity of the user who was only known online by a nickname. 'The ruling could have implications for any website that lets people post messages anonymously.'Note this does not appear to be a case of borderline libel, with the author being sued just so the libelled party can unmask them and subsequently drop the case. Apparently, this is a clean-cut case of libel and the libelled party does intend a full-fledged lawsuit. This I have no problem with.


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