posted Mar 26, 2001

An anti-posting: TiVo Privacy Concerns Unfounded Privacy from Companies3/26/2001; 6:34:59 PM There's been a lot of foofarah today following some never-heard-of-'em foundation's posting of a "report" on TiVo's Privacy Policies. I would like to point out that TiVo has always been up-front about what they are doing, and in fact this "news" has already been around the news mill... and it wasn't that interesting the first time, either.I respect TiVo for being quite clear about what they do, phrasing it in plain English, and so far as we know, sticking to it to the letter. If all companies acted like TiVo there'd be no "privacy advocates". The foundation that produced the report does not speak for all of us privacy fanatics.Also, while I'm posting anti-notes and non-news, I'm trying to redesign this site until it's not an abominable eyesore any longer. Given my design skills, that's going to take a while, so you may see some slow changes as I actually try things and see what I like. My goal is no more pure white, but it needs to be readable. We'll see how it goes as we chronicle the Adventures of the Design-Atropic Nerd.


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