posted Mar 27, 2001

Bush opposes Euro privacy rules
Privacy from Companies
3/27/2001; 5:38:50 PM 'The Bush administration, responding to concerns in the financial-services sector, is objecting strongly to a set of proposed European Commission privacy rules affecting trans-Atlantic e-commerce.

'In a March 23 letter to a top commission official, the Commerce and Treasury Departments said the proposed rules "impose unduly burdensome requirements that are incompatible with real-world operations."

'At issue are proposed "standard clauses" for contracts between U.S. and European firms regarding exchanges of customer data. The clauses would obligate U.S. firms to operate under European Union privacy standards, which are much stricter than U.S. law. EU standards require, for example, that consumers have access to information collected about them and notice on how it is used.'


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