posted Apr 03, 2001

Apologies for delay, April Fools, slow servers Administrative4/3/2001; 8:09:24 AM I feel I should apologize for the lack of updates and the fact my April Fool posting was up for hours longer then it should be. I haven't 'heard' any other complaints, so it may just be me, but has been slow for me the last couple of days. In fact, for much of the last 48 hours, my connections were simply denied. This made taking down my April Fool's posting that much harder. If you haven't seen it, I'm going to try to get a screenshot of it later. I kinda liked it, and I think it's sad so few people probably saw it.In other news... I've mostly successfully upgraded my computer to a AMD Duron 800 w/256 MB ram. In the computer hardware business, it's all-to-easy to lose that sense of wonder (esp. if you're young enough that you've always lived in an era of massive advancement), but wow! For a few hundred dollars, I have, quite simply, a supercomputer. It's still amazing.Anyhow, what that means is that I can get LinkBack up now, though it will still be a bit. I've got some big end-o'-semester projects coming up that I have to finish first (keep an eye out for the Machine Learning project if you like My Userland on the Desktop!), and then I can try to slip some time in. I'm looking forward to LinkBack, it's much improved over the last incarnation (though much of it is behind the schenes stuff that you won't personally care much about), and I think that this is a better time for it. Weblogs are, as I kinda expected, continuing to attract attention in many places and continuing to slowly grow in importance, not just flaming out like a fad, and I hope this time around more people will be exposed to it and want to use it. (FWIW, I think weblogs are due in another couple of months for another burst of attention, as the people for whom it was just an opportunity to show off how clever they were with design and whine about how life sucks are brushed aside in favor of people with actual stuff to say.)


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