posted Apr 10, 2001

Jurors badly miscalculate damages Humor/Amusing4/10/2001; 9:27:14 AM 'Jurors inadvertently let off the hook last week when they wrote down the wrong damages figure in a court case over copyright infringement. 'On Friday the eight female jurors in a New York court, including one maths teacher, ordered the online music giant to pay around $300,000 to record label TVT (Tee Vee Toons). was ecstatic, issuing a press release today crowing over victory. TVT had been asking for $8.5 million - and in the last year has paid out around $130 million over copyright struggles with record companies. 'But over the weekend red-faced jurors began informing US District Judge Jed Rakoff that they had messed.... '"This matter is far from obvious in how it should be adjudicated," the judge said today.'


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