posted Apr 11, 2001

Passport Licensing Changes Privacy from Companies4/11/2001; 12:38:41 PM As I was one of the critics of Microsoft's Passport privacy policy, I feel a moral obligation to point out that while ETP was down, Microsoft did change the policy. However, it seems that all may still not be well. The end of Dan Gillmore's column today talks about it and also mentions a colloquium will be held at Stanford:'The terms are still not what you'd call consumer-friendly. And if you want to learn just how these kinds of terms get written, you may want to stop by Stanford University this afternoon for a colloquium where Jack Russo, a Silicon Valley lawyer who specializes in intellectual-property issues, will deconstruct the Microsoft document from several points of view.'Line up the 15 major points in the terms of use, Russo said Tuesday, and look at them from a consumer's side and Microsoft's side. ``They're 180 degrees apart,'' said Russo, of Russo & Hale in Palo Alto.'The colloquium is open to the public. It starts at 4:15 p.m. today in the NEC Auditorium, which is located in -- you guessed it -- the Gates Computer Science Building. It will also be available afterward in a streaming media format ('It looks like it will be in Windows Media Player format.


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