posted Apr 17, 2001

Futzing with design again Administrative4/17/2001; 8:04:53 AM I'm futzing around with the design again, still trying to make this place look more attractive and trying to move away from large swathes of white.This means that in the meantime, things will look a little ugly. Please bear with me, it should look good when I'm done.I intend to follow in the footsteps of A List Apart and create a completely compliant site that degrades tolerably in Netscape 4. I actually use Netscape 4 a lot to access my site personally, but I'll still benefit... Netscape 4 hates these nested tables. With a standards compliant, table-free site, Netscape will render a lot faster.While I'm talking about something other then news anyhow, I'd like to say I'm gratified, if somewhat surprised, to be used as an example in the Globe and Mail column ''Firms underestimate the power of blogging''. Thanks.


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