posted Apr 20, 2001

The Jinx Misc.4/20/2001; 10:29:56 AM 'If the company actually goes through with this, it will be the worst decision made in the personal computer business since Micropro copy-protected the Wordstar 2000 word processor about 20 years ago....'Whether the same thing happens to Microsoft remains to be seen. What Microsoft is considering implementing in the upcoming Windows XP operating system is essentially a complex scheme to police the use of the software. The current plan, as I understand it, is that the software will demand to be registered. The suspicion is that in the process, registration will include a comparison of the product's serial number with serial numbers in a large database. If the serial number is a copy or if there is any similar problem, the operating code will be disabled, rendering the computer unusable.'I hate to be trite, but Microsoft needs to be reminded of a basic principle: The Customer is Always Right. Ask a good salesman what it means. Of course it doesn't mean the customer really is always right. It's an attitude, an attitude that stands in stark contrast to what XP represents: The Customer is Always Wrong.There be dragons here, Microsoft...


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