posted Apr 27, 2001

Napster Judge Utterly Frustrated Music & MP34/27/2001; 9:59:16 PM In the RED cor-NER, weighing in at ten to the forty-three kilos, REALITY! In the BLUE cor-NER, weighing in around ten to the second kilos, THE LAW!SEE the law and reality collide! FEEL the bone crushing hits of the reigning champ as it rains down holy terror on the newcomer! WATCH as THE LAW tries the mathematically IMPOSSIBLE! LAUGH MANIACALLY as your intuition is proved correct! TASTE the FEAR of the dreaded RIAA in this MATCHUP to end all MATCHUPS!

'A federal judge overseeing the case against Napster on Friday essentially threw up her hands and appealed for help in stopping the exchange of copyrighted songs.... removing the songs has proved exceptionally difficult, since Napster users constantly make them reappear under different file names. Napster has said it cannot keep up with every variation.''On Friday, Patel said that unless an appeals court clarifies its ruling in the case, she cannot force Napster to identify and remove all those files.'
REALITY, the WINNUH and steee-eeeeel CHAM-PEE-UM!Folks, how about a round of applause for the loser! Nice try!PS: No, I don't seriously think it's over... it just fit with the theme. Roll with it, OK...?PPS: With apologies... or thanks, whichever you prefer... to blackholebrain.


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