posted May 02, 2001

While the finer points of the Digital Millennium Copyright A DMCA5/2/2001; 2:27:54 PM 'While the finer points of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act take center stage in a New York appeal's court, a team of researchers continue to protest the heavy-handed use of the law by the recording industry.''On Tuesday, a trio of federal judges heard arguments about the legality of distributing the DVD-descrambling utility DeCSS. The panel, which appeared to be taking a pro-entertainment industry stance, gave both sides until May 10 to file 10-page supplemental briefs.'I can kind of understand the judicial reluctance to recognize the argument that the DMCA stifles free speech... the interesting question is how many real life examples are necessary before they start to understand. Suppressing academic research is fairly easy to understand... let's hope that will help the inevitable breakthrough.


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