posted May 08, 2001

Google Information for Personal Notes5/8/2001; 1:52:59 PM LATER UPDATE: Sheesh, people, Google's de-indexing was worth doing something about, it was worth discussing what actions to take, but it wasn't worth a flaming shit-fest. Let's have a sense of scale, here, please.UPDATE: I was incorrect. See this post on Andrea's site. (Thanks to Seth Dillingham.)I wanted to pass this on, since many ETP'ers who read this site may not have seen this. You may have noticed recently that your referers list recently got much shorter, because our Google hits have disappeared. It looks like techInterview has the answer:'after more debugging I realized that the domain would have been scanned around April 5th, the date on the cached copy of that Google has. i looked back and realized i don't have any puzzles around then because on April 3rd, all the sites were down for a week. so guess we'll just have to wait a month to get back into Google.'I hope that's it. I do like Google's listing...


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