posted May 08, 2001

A Case of Free Speech Boundaries Free Speech5/8/2001; 2:07:42 PM 'A pending libel suit in New York now stands to test -- and potentially redraw -- some of the boundaries of journalistic free speech on the Internet. 'The case concerns Roberto Hernandez Ramirez, general director and majority owner of the National Bank of Mexico, also known as Banamex. In 1997, this prominent Mexican billionaire and Salinista investor was the subject of a series of 15 investigative reports in the Merida, Mexico daily newspaper Por Esto that fingered him as a major narcotics trafficker between Colombia and the United States....'"You have a Mexican business -- (in) this case the Bank of Mexico, very much a Mexican business -- suing for stories concerning activities that took place in Mexico," said Thomas Lesser, a First Amendment attorney in Northampton, Mass. "And they're suing a website that emanates in Mexico -- in New York."'This must be thrown out on lack of jurisdiction grounds, or the jurisdiction system as we know it is dead. I'm sure some of the stuff on this site is prosecutable in other countries; what about you?


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