posted May 09, 2001

Truth squad needed to combat Internet lies,commercialization Misc.5/9/2001; 4:21:46 PM 'When moneyed and powerful interests concoct a prevailing -- but false -- wisdom through public-relations deceptions and other techniques, credible experts need to stand up and explain why this or that emperor is unclothed.''There are precedents. In 1997, for example, federal government officials were publicly mulling whether to force adoption of a ``key escrow'' system of cryptography, whereby people and organizations would effectively be forced to turn over to third parties the keys to their most secret data. Eleven noted technologists, including several of the world's top cyptographers, issued a report persuasively showing why key escrow would inevitably compromise our collective security, not enhance it.''On many topics, one person's truth is another's lie. But every debate needs a foundation of plain facts, laid out in ways the public can grasp.'


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