posted Jun 01, 2001

The music revolution will not be digitized Music & MP36/1/2001; 8:48:49 PM 'The power, then, is consolidated squarely back in the hands of the same record industry executives that held the reins before. Everyone with a good idea that doesn't fit into what the music moguls have already deemed appropriate is out of luck. That personalized radio station will be shut down, that peer-to-peer network will be decimated before it even has a chance to offer a subscription plan, prices for music downloads will be set sky-high, and new music-exchange services will contain only limited catalogs.'Is the system where "If we [RIAA members] do not approve it, it will not happen." is a true statement a system that promotes innovation?This reminds me of my previous comments. Part of their strategy was to make sure that there was no way to comply with the legal requirements. Isn't that sick?


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