posted Jun 11, 2001

Law Review Article Says Port Scanning Illegal Misc.6/11/2001; 9:13:23 AM From Slashdot:

Anonymous Coward writes: "The Journal of Technology Law and Policy has a good article on computer security and privacy.... It's interesting to see the computer security from a lawyer's point of view. Especially interesting are his claims that using nmap is illegal, despite the VC3 v. Moulton case...." Actually, I think the metaphors throughout this piece (not just at the beginning) are what make it interesting, and a big component of law is dealing with metaphors.
You probably know how I feel about those treacherous metaphors: Useful for exaplaining, useless for determining. You might also want to look at my explanation of port scanning, if you've never heard of it before. I couldn't find a satisfactory explanation on the net so I wrote my own.


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