posted Jun 21, 2001

Teens Shrug Off E-Pervs Misc.6/21/2001; 8:59:13 AM 'High schoolers just don't seem too bothered by the online come-ons. "The kids are generally all right," said "Kids assume it's all part of being online," said USA Today. Referring to the Pew study, USA Today reported that 57 percent of teens surveyed have blocked messages from hasslers, indicating that at least sometimes, minors can take care of themselves. Maybe a co-author of the JAMA-published UNH study said it best: "They know it comes with the territory. ... But we need to be concerned about the small group who are being frightened and upset."'Unfortunately, young people probably get more grief in real life than in chat rooms. According to the article's chief author, "one in three teenagers surveyed said they had been targeted for more conventional forms of offline abuse, such as being assaulted by students at school," Newsbytes said. None of the kids surveyed said they were sexually assaulted as a result of online doings. However, "this does not mean that such abuse does not occur, but that such events are probably not as common as others, such as intra-familial sexual abuse, date rape and gang violence, that do tend to show up in surveys of this size," the study researchers wrote. That's more depressing than any stock market news we'll hear this year.'What?!? No "Think of the children! Won't somebody please think of the children!?!?" quotes? Somebody must of slipped up and published a non-panicky article about children. The Standard, fire that person immediately! There's no place in the news business for reporting like this.


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