posted Aug 06, 2001

Custom Weblog Post
Personal Notes

The Custom Weblog Post tool allows the user to create (sub-)templates that have more structure then RU's default flat text box. It ships with a template that matches the behavior of Manila's News Items, using the RU 'blogs categories as the choosable categories. Thus, for people who are used to posting with Manila's News Items, this provides a nice migration path to the RU 'blog.

It also provides scriptlets which can be used in a similar fashion to Manila Express, allowing the user to highlight some text, and hit a bookmark/link on the link bar, and have RU fill out the page title, link, and selected text in a textarea, ready for editting. These scriptlets work in Mozilla and IE, and may or may not work in other browsers.

This post was posted with that tool, using a personalized template similar to the provided NewsItemLike. If you're used to News Items in Manila and considering moving to RU's weblog, this may help ease the transition. On that note, I'd expect to see more postings here on iRights, now that I have this. :-)



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