posted Aug 06, 2001

The Man Who Debunks Virus Myths

'Rob Rosenberger is determined to shine the bright light of sarcasm into every dark corner of the computer security industry. His website, Vmyths, focuses on presenting the facts -- as Rosenberger sees them -- about computer viruses, dispelling any media-fueled hysteria about computer security and disputing the smallest shred of misinformation from the security industry itself.'

'Rosenberger carefully reviews the press coverage of every virus alert and rips into reporters who mindlessly repeat whatever "facts" they may have been fed by their sources.'

VMyths is required reading for anybody who recieves email. The other site I'd call required reading is SNOPES, who catalogs and researches major urban legends and e-mail hoaxes, including the non-virus ones. Both are outstanding sites. Both have search engines. Before believing anything e-mailed to you, check it out on these sites. I also suggest telling people you know about these sites.



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