posted Aug 08, 2001

German's Anti-Hate Push Angers
Country Watch- Germany
'German Interior Minister Otto Schily has not even firmed up plans to visit Washington this fall to talk with U.S. officials about battling neo-Nazi websites through legal channels, and already the plan has generated controversy...'

'This week, the controversy over how to handle the problem of hate content on the Internet kicked up anew when Schily told World on Sunday, a German paper, that he planned to meet "with the responsible officials" in Washington and "examine together the possibilities of using civil laws to sue the creators of right-wing websites based in the USA that have an effect in Germany."'

'But according to experts, legal options to fight hate content have limited usefulness under U.S. law. "We have a First Amendment," said Caryl Stern, chief operating officer for the Anti-Defamation League. "There is nothing that prevents making a website or offering it to a server to make it available."'

Hmmm... Germans trying to enforce German laws on American citizens offering content/services Germany doesn't like? Our government ought to love the idea; it certainly did with Skylarov...

'Hans-Joachim Otto, a Bundestag representative from the opposition Free Democrats and a leader of the party's Internet policy committee, ... said that if one country has laws that protect individual freedom that are stronger than those in another country, and those laws come in contact with those of another country, the stronger protections of individual freedom must trump other concerns. "When in doubt, freedom must win," Otto said.'

I take it I don't need to draw the obvious connections, here.



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