posted Aug 09, 2001

Judges: Don't Monitor Our PCs
'Some federal judges are protesting the monitoring of their computers by Washington managers concerned about personal Internet use.'

'The judges of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco claim the practice is illegal. They are pressing to get it stopped, and the Supreme Court chief justice and other judges will consider the request next month.'

'To demonstrate their discontent, judges of the 9th Circuit ordered staff to disable monitoring software in May. The weeklong shutdown affected 10,000 court employees in the Circuit, which covers nine western states and two territories, and two other court districts.'

I {jerf.["#tools"].linkLT("what irights isn't", "empprivacy")}don't usually cover workplace disputes, but this one is particularly interesting. Seems when judges are on the receiving end of some of this stuff, the arguments of the "privacy wonks" suddenly seem a lot more reasonable. :-)



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