posted Aug 10, 2001

Risking All to Expose the Taliban
Polical Speech
'The seemingly endless list of activities banned by Afghanistan's ruling Taliban includes taking pictures of people and animals, using the Internet, educating girls and badmouthing the government.'

'The Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan does all of the above.'

'The organization of social activists risks incarceration and worse to expose atrocities committed by one of the world's most repressive regimes. RAWA was founded in 1977, but only garnered international fame in 1997 after it launched a website documenting the bizarre and tragic details of life under the Taliban.'

This story provides an interesting contrast to the previous story about the increasing limits of geography... people using the 'net the way it was "meant" to be used. Be aware that the website is not for the sqeamish. You'll probably want to read the Wired article first.



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