posted Aug 30, 2001

Personal Commentary
My wife has learned of the perils of living with a computer nutcase. In her particular case, the perils manifest themselves as a periodic cleansing of her e-mail archives. Oops.

I was trying to move the contents of one laptop drive to another laptop drive, and could only hook up one at a time. Of course I tell my wife that this won't affect her e-mail, since that's on the computer's permenent drive, and I'll only be affecting the two laptop drives. Of course she snorts and looks disbelieving. She's heard this before.

Of course I toast the e-mail. And my e-mail. And, in fact, my entire operating system and everything on the 20 GB drive.

Burn, baby, burn!

I've been rebuilding the last few days, and between that, school starting, and working furiously on TextResponder in my traditional last-couple-of-days-before-school development spasm, I haven't posted much stuff here.

Not that I've seen much to post, other then the government post below. Skylarov was indicted... technically news, but rather uninteresting. We knew it was coming. Skylarov not being indicted would be news.

Later today I may have another writing. It's been kicking around in my head the last couple of days, and I better get it out while I've still got it. But first, I need to re-build the laptop, 'cause while the transfer was mostly successful, I ended up accidentally toasting it later, too.

Oh, did I neglect to mention that? One thing about being a Linux user, you learn to bring your system up from nothing to full capability in a matter of a couple of hours... either that or you learn to stop fooling with the drive devices directly... (but how else will I learn?)



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