posted Sep 06, 2001

The Simpsons get toasted
Personal Commentary
Any illusions you may have that copyright is about profit should be dispensed with. The control freak stuff is really starting to torque me, and it is ever so slowly, but ever so surely, starting to encroach on my actual, every day life, rather then me looking for it like I normally do.

What prompted this? Well, on my local cable channel 15, broadcast channel 50, from 6:00pm through 6:30pm, all there is is a scrolling white message on a blue screen babbling about how some other channel has exclusive rights to the show (which happens to be the Simpsons)... except that the Simpsons are not shown anywhere else on my cable system at the time.

The stupid lawyers are so snotty about control that apparently it is more importent for them that I see a blue screen, from which no money is made, then watch their precious show and corresponding commericials.

It's not about the money. It's about the control. I guess you always have the right to act self-destructive...



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