posted Sep 10, 2001

Congress Plans DMCA Sequel: The SSSCA
From Slashdot:

"If you thought the DMCA was a nightmare, wait 'til you find out what Congress is planning this fall. The sequel is called the "Security Systems Standards and Certification Act," and it requires PCs and consumer electronic devices to support "certified security technologies" to be approved by the Commerce Department. Backers of the SSSCA include Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.), who heads the powerful Senate Commerce committee, and, reportedly, Disney. Wired News has a report, and I've placed the SSSCA draft text (new! more criminal penalties!) online here.

Why not just take this to the logical conclusion, and A: Ban all media viewing and B: Just pre-emptively lock everybody up. That's obviously where the media moguls want to go.

I do have to wonder about the sanity of the people proposing this. The DMCA was flawed, yes, but as much as I dislike it, that's as far as I'll go: Flawed. The SSSCA is downright totalitarian. In fact, it could teach the old USSR a thing or two. Maybe that'd be a good soundbite to fight this thing.



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