posted Sep 28, 2001

Google Search: Humor-Amusing

Best kind of humor... there's a point beneath the sarcasm. Replicated here, since Google may not store it forever (minus a few unimportent headers):

Newsgroups: Followup-To: X-FAQ-Is-At: X-FAQ-Via-WWW: X-For-FAQ-Mailto: From: Subject: [] ID cards - Yes or No? A Questionnaire (Or 2) Message-ID: Originator: Date: 27 Sep 2001 17:29:53 GMT

Subject: ID cards - Yes or No? A Questionnaire (Or 2) From: Min Lacey Newsgroups:

Q1. Do you agree that the recent terrorist disaster was a Bad Thing?

Q2. Do you agree that security should be toughened?

Q3. Do you agree the Good Guys need to know lots about the Bad Guys?

Q4. Do you agree with the statement that "Only criminals need be afraid of legitimate identification"?

Q5. Do you agree with compulsory ID cards?


Q1. Do you think that it's right that, since the Health & Social Care Act, your medical records can be given to 'any organisation considered in the public interest' without your knowledge or permission?

Q2. Do you think all institutions treat the information they possess on you with due care and attention?

Q3. If '01' on an ID card indicated you were an asthmatic and '02' indicated you were a paedophile, would you trust a poorly paid public servant to enter that information?

Q4. Does any government's implementation of a widespread computer system (DVLA, passport) fill you with confidence?

Q5. Do you agree with compulsory ID cards?

(With apologies to Messrs Jay & Lynn) -- Min Make them an otter they can't defuse. Proud Person with a PHIL. GULP.

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