posted Oct 29, 2001

Wayback Goes Way Back on Web
General IP Issues
'The Internet Archive and Alexa Internet recently unveiled the free service, which provides digital snapshots from its archives that reveal the origins of the Internet and how it has evolved over the past five years.'

'"This will help make use of the cultural artifacts of our day," said Brewster Kahle, founder of The Internet Archive. "It will help people make sense of the world and give accountability to what's been published before."'

And the only question is, who will sue first? Archives like this are one of the better reasons that copyrights shouldn't last forever. But a mere five years ago may be a little soon. Still, fewer people were on the web then who would want to sue.

I note my website is not included. Maybe I didn't have it up when they scanned in 1996. It would have been a close thing.



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