posted Mar 10, 2002

No mere mortals on NBCPersonal Commentary
I think we mere mortals have been removed from NBC game shows: Tonight was the Wrestling edition of the Weakest Link, during which they advertised next week's Daytime Soap Opera edition of the Weakest Link, and tommorow's "Celebrity Fear Factor 2". During the last weeks (discounting the Olympics), we've been able to watch the Playboy Bunny edition of Fear Factor, a repeat of the Star Trek Weakest Link, and some other celebrity Fear Factor. Oh yes, and the Washed-Up TV Actors from the 60s and 70s Weakest Link, too, IIRC.

I notice this because I am waiting with bated breath for a classmate of mine to show up on the Weakest Link, which was taped the week before the Olympics. Apparently, they are normally aired quite quickly after that, but due to the influence of the Olympics, NBC didn't know when it would air. I want to know how well he did. (If NBC is watching, no, no he HASN'T told anyone, in accordance with the contract.)

This is quite different from when my grandfather went on the Price is Right. It was months before it aired, and he actually did keep secret up to then how well he did. A notable accomplishment, for he won the Showcase Showdown. I don't think I could have kept the secret. Then again, I haven't signed a contract either...



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