DOJ's Dot-Narc Rave Strategy

posted Mar 14, 2002

'The NDIC said five types of people should be targeted, including previous drug offenders, legalization advocates, anarchists and people promoting "an expanded freedom of expression" that pushes the boundaries of the First Amendment.'

Assuming you read the article (so you have the context)... I wonder what exactly "an expanded freedom of expression" is supposed to mean? Not sarcastic.

I also question the legitimacy of targeting legalization advocates. I am not one myself, but saying a currently illegal activity should be legal is the exact same act as claiming a currently legal activity should be illegal, which the NDIC does all the time, in their never-ending quest to eliminate second-order causes like "raves". Punishing or marking someone because they are participating in the governmental process is not something that should be done in a democracy.


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