Can There Be a Decent Left?

posted Mar 14, 2002

[via dangerousmeta!] More articles like this and I could almost... almost!... call myself a member of the left... though they still wouldn't have me. :-)

It's not that I disagree with most of the goals of the left. But once identifying problems with some success, the left engages in a full-fledged retreat from reality, proposing solutions based solely on ideologies already twice-removed from reality, with no input from facts or history. (I speak broadly here, of course.) Sure, I'd like a world without war, too, but I can tell you we won't get there with any number of multicultural parties in the Student Center.

And I'd like to cut down on pollution, too, but you don't get there by knee-jerk banning things, you get there with careful, considered study of the options and selecting the best. What if we taxed CPUs based on wattage consumed by the chip during 100% utilization?

The right is often misguided, but the left is often flat-out insane, as in, disconnected from reality. Given a choice between the two, I'd vote Libertarian.

(On that topic, I've decided to start voting Libertarian, based on my 'tug of war' theory of government; vote not for what you'd actually want to live under, but the direction you want the government to go in. Even if you don't want to live in a fully Libertarian state, which I don't, under the current conditions, I want things to move more that way. So that's how I'll vote.)


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