Women and men

posted Mar 17, 2002

A frequent correspondent, a man, writes: "Do you really believe those myths about men and women being different?" [Scripting News]

No, I believe in the truths that men and women are different.

Ask your local psychologist whether men and women are different. One of my psychology professors gave that as a benchmark to use about whether you should trust someone's psychology theories: If they claim that men and women aren't fundamentally different, then you can safely ignore their theories! This from a clinical practicioner. (And a women, normally not relevent, relevent in this sort of debate only.)

To those who knee-jerk in the PC direction and assume that it's evil to say there are differences: Shame on you. You perpetuate a damaging myth, and are trying to 'correct' people who need no correction. (The danger comes from relative value assessments, which are impossible.)

(example: Sex differences in the brain, with very real and observable effects.)


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