Coping with the SSSCA

posted Mar 19, 2002

[a proposed reaction to the SSSCA:] 'Unfortunately, mass civil disobedience is historically the best antidote to an unjust law.... Bootleg everything you can get your hands on.'

There's a certain amount of validity to the civil disobedience bit; but in every other regard this article totally misses the mark. The problem with the SSSCA isn't that it might prevent bootlegging. That's simply the stated goal. The problem is the lengths it goes to to attempt to obtain that goal, with no regard whatsoever for balance or collateral damage.

Bootlegging frantically completely misses the point. I might support some forms of civil disobedience, but for the importent things, like standing on your right to use your computer to communicate with others in an unobstructed manner.

If you must strike back against the content control parts of the law, the real solution is to refuse to buy any content controlled media or content controlling hardware. This I fully intend to do, even if it involves sacrifice.

I'll pity this guy if he goes to jail, but I won't support him.


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