posted May 05, 2002

Spring is here, and I'm enjoying it. Generally I'm a stereotypical pasty computer nerd, but after an especially frustrating semester at school (frustrating... not hard, frustrating), I actually voluntarily did some garden work today, a first I think. Wierd!

The sun is bright, the birds are chirping, and if anything, I think these silly emails have added a measure of levity to my day. Meanwhile, I'm posting this from my porch via a long ethernet cable (ahh! wireless!) and getting ready to grill dinner. Carpe the spring diems!

(Update: This was yesterday's post, but it didn't go. Let's see if it does now... OK. Hmmm. One of the Tools I installed seems to have done something. This is why I don't like to install them willy-nilly...)


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