Bigs versus Smalls

posted May 17, 2002

Yesterday Creative Commons was announced. I just browsed the site quickly looking for a spec describing the XML format they're using. Megnut suggested that if blogging tools make it easy for people to declare their intentions and automatically generate the XML, that would be a good thing. I'm into helping if I can. First I gotta find the spec.

Let's say the spec emerges. One of [Userland, Blogger, LiveJournal] implement it and make it easy for their users to use this. Thanks to the very healthy competition in this space, the other two follow up within a week. (This assumes a simple "Creative Commons" spec, which is likely.) Bam; in two weeks, quite possibly less, a new XML standard has been rolled out to thousands of sites. In short order, tools that use this content will emerge, too.

Now... let's see Microsoft match that sort of performance.

Innovation doesn't come from the bigs.


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